Y O U    I M A G I N E . . . W E    P R O D U C E  

+ We work with our clients from concept to production

  + We manufacture new molds based on client specifications to give them a cost-effective solution for market advantage

  + Our engineers and R&D team provide CAD product designs and full CNC/CAM Mills for manufacturing

  Expedited mold production - 2 month timeline with prototype production 10 days after completion (for thermoformed product only)

  Competitive mold fees, without sacrificing quality

  + Branding options and logos molded directly onto product for Brand Power


C O L O R    Y O U R     L I F E

  + Ability to match any Pantone number shade

  + Send a sample swatch and allow us to bring that color to life

  + Adjustable UV levels to preserve the brilliance of your shade

P R I N T     T H A T !

  + 6 color printing with Van Dam equipment from Holland

  + Efficient turn around on print rendering for client approval

  Sharp, brilliant imagery and text to make your product stand out


S T U C K    O N    Y O U

  Customizable UPCs and Barcodes for retail product

  Adjustable sizing on labels up to 2”x1”

  Increased adhesive properties for water resistance and to prevent peeling

  Gloss front to protect from the elements and ensure legibility of barcode and text