Jani McConnell, National Sales Manager   

Born in Shanghai, Jani grew up in California with a penchant for international culture and travel.  Soon after graduating from UCLA with a degree in Business-Economics and Accounting, Jani joined the Ainong team to develop business operations.   She now serves as National Sales Manager and her favorite part of her job is getting to work side-by-side with her clients to streamline and innovate.   

Likes: Hot Cheetos, Disneyland, Breaking Bad, fluffy golden retrievers, hiking, martial arts, all-you-can-eat sushi

Fun fact: Jani’s favorite place that she’s been is the Amazon rainforest – where she witnessed magical pink dolphins, fished for piranhas and then had to catch her meals (she starved)!



Adsanai Vongsa, West Coast Sales Rep

Adsanai “Addy” Vongsa was born in Thailand, and raised in Orange County, California. He studied fashion design and marketing at California State University  Long Beach. He has an affinity for travel and food. He has an Australian Shepherd puppy named  King Henry. He is now in charge of sales for the west coast. 

Likes: Spicy anything, Sushi, Sci-Fi, ice cream, coffee!

Fun Fact: Addy loves to play tennis, and he used to be in marching band.




Paul Kim, Midwest Sales Manager

Paul was born in the Midwest, and grew up in Los Angeles, California. He enjoys meeting people from all different backgrounds, and loves all kinds of car culture. He also enjoys traveling the world, and soaking in the different city and rural lifestyles. He is currently managing sales operations for the Midwest region.

Fun fact: Lived in Sweden, spoke Swedish, and is related to a Swedish baron that owns a castle. 




Janette David, East Coast Sales Manager

Janette is Ainong’s sales manager for the eastern US.  She was born and raised in the golden state of California, specifically Los Angeles.  She attended the University of Southern California (Fight On Trojans!), and enjoys watching college football.  Other interests include: travel, exploring new dining experiences, and tearing up the dance floor.

Fun fact: Janette got to swim with stingrays at the Cayman Islands, and had the joy of feeding them and got the opportunity to kiss one!




Campbell Scott, East Coast Sales Rep

Campbell grew up in Phoenix, Arizona but moved to Los Angeles after studying Geology at Occidental College. After working as an environmental scientist at a nonprofit, he switched to the indoor ag industry while working at a hydroponic kale, lettuce, and herb farm. Now he uses his grower experience to help clients as an East Coast Sales Representative at Ainong Plastics. In his free time, Campbell is an avid camper, traveler, and musician.

Fun Fact: Campbell was classically trained as a bassist and plays in indie-bands in the LA area. His music has been featured on the TV Shows "The Blacklist," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," and in various commercials. 


The Accounting Team

shannon profile.jpg

Shannon Pascascio, Accounting Manager

Hola! I’m a friendly city dweller who has a hard time saying no to a round trip to almost anywhere in the world. Aside from studying and working in Finance, I absolutely adored exploring the fast changing and creative aspects of Apparel Design and Marketing. Being able to work with amazing people at Ainong Plastics is truly a dream come true! Send me a hello and smile when you get a chance, I promise you’ll get one back!   

Fun Fact: When I'm not speaking English or Spanglish, I'm using my hands to communicate in ASL.