When Ainong was founded in Los Angeles, California, we recognized the horticultural industry needs to reduce production costs, and our company has been built on filling that market need.  Because many of our customers were unfamiliar with working overseas, Ainong was formed to bridge the gap between an overseas company to the US.  We’re here to help our clients connect to product 10-30% below what they have been paying, while maintaining the industry high quality requirements.  Furthermore, we are here to facilitate shipments, and will handle all customs, freight, and shipping for you, to make overseas orders easier than ever.   

Our Factory and Products

Our 50,000 square meter manufacturing facility is located in Suzhou, China, which is 80 kilometers away from Shanghai.  Our focus is on the production of thermoforming seeding containers, carry pots and trays, plug trays and injection molded hanging baskets, decorative pots and some other gardening items. Our increase in space has provided warehousing opportunities for growers who order product well in advance for peace of mind during busy production season. We care for the environment, and are at the forefront of the recycling movement in China - all of our trays are 100% recyclable, and we are continually looking for and developing new methods to reuse plastic. We have even partnered with a local research university, which is hard at work to introduce more recycled material and even researching alternative sources for plastics.

Our Customers

Our products have been already sold to more than 50 countries and districts in the world outside of the US. Within the United States, we have already established a long-term partnership with several of the top 100 growers as well as distributors and manufacturers, resulting in savings for our clients .  With a rapidly expanding product line, we also encourage collaboration with our customers, and can create new products molds quickly and affordably to suit any customer’s specific needs. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by our site, and please feel free to contact us for a quote.  We look forward to assisting your product needs!